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Railway History

End of the line

Date: 14/11/2007
We are delighted to have made contact with Peter Browning whose family used to live in the signalman's cottage on the site. Peter has provided some interesting family shots and over the months, we plan to load these and suitable captions with his help.
Reproduced by kind permission of Mr P Browning

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This section is still to be written

Date: 07/09/2006
Calling all 40+ year olds! This section is still to be written and will depend on some railway enthusiasts' help! The railway history of Lewes is complex and fascinating and this is a section waiting to be written by some inspired authors. One idea we have, is to build a working model of the former sidings in the undercroft of the Linklater Pavilion which could be lowered from the ceiling. Now wouldn't that be fun!

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