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Photo Galleries

A selection of the photographic galleries available on this website. If you have any exceptional or interesting photographs that you would like to add to these sections, please write (or send them direct) to along with a short description and we will do our best to include them.

Photos of key events

A chronological history of the site since the 1986 campaign to turn it into a nature reserve.

Nature photos

A selection of the best photos taken by visitors as well as those by local photographer David Bradford.

Birling Gap fixed point photos

A fascinating record by adults with learning disabilities and commissioned by the National Trust.

Heart of Reeds fixed point photos

A record of the growing Heart of Reeds area through fixed point photographs.

Historical photos

A selection of photos of the site in the early to mid 20th Century by kind permission of Tom Reeves. This section is not complete.

The Pavilion

A selection of photos of the construction of the Linklater Pavilion.

Entrance area fixed point photos

Monthly fixed-point photos of the entrance area designed by the Junior Management Board.

Storm overflow pipe fixed point photos

The laying of a storm pipe and growth of a hazel coppice.

Leighside Pond

Leighside Pond Restoration fixed point photos

Progress of the restored Leighside pond initiated by the Junior Management Board.

Pavilion construction looking north

See the Linklater Pavililion being built and the development of the ground around it.

Winterbourne coppicing

See the dynamic effects of flooding and coppicing of willows near the Winterbourne stream

Spoil heap

See the growth of shade-loving trees planted on the spoil heap created from the pilings of the Linklater Pavilion.

Chandler's Wharf

This set of fixed point photographs records the development of Chandlers Wharf along the east bank of the river Ouse and opposite the Linklater Pavilion.