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Knowledge Building

This section encourages people of all ages and expertise to contribute and learn from 'collaborative knowledge building'. For example, entomologist Peter Hodge, has undertaken records for over 15 years while pupils from Rodmell and Barcombe schools took part in a 'Pupils as Scientists' research project in 2006 which can be accessed in the left hand column. Both schools, plus Wallands Primary and Priory School in Lewes, also contributed to a 'Living on the Edge' education programme in June 2006 in which pupils were encouraged to create their own learning materials linked to the site's Heart of Reeds. This link can also be found in the left hand column.

'Re-cycled Places' education project of 1996

The start of a knowledge building approach to the Railway Land began with a project funded jointly by the Economic and Social Research Council's Global Environmental Change programme and the University of Sussex between 1994 and 1997. Pupils from schools near four urban wildlife areas (London's Docklands, Bradford, Leeds and Lewes) researched and wrote sequences for a CD-ROM.

The work, based on young people exploring and working on the ground, now provides a unique starting point for the Railway Land through the eyes of young people in 1996. The sequences relating to Lewes can be found in the link below.

Re-cycled Places

Fixed-point photographs recording change

Another way of building communal knowledge is through the use of fixed point photography. Since 2004, this has been done by a group of adults with learning disabilities as part of an innovative European Union project in collaboration with participants in France. At present, three areas are being photographed every month and the results shown below are loaded by the participants themselves.

Entrance area
Heart of Reeds
Leighside Pond restoration
Pavilion construction looking north
Pavilion construction looking south
Storm overflow pipe