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For some, the past use of the site is as interesting as the present. In 1858, Edward Reeves moved to 159 High Street and built a daylight studio which has been in continuous use by four generations of the Reeves family ever since. Over time, we wish to expand our knowledge and interpretation of the railway aspect of the site and are grateful to Tom Reeves for his kind permission to display some photos from the collection.

However, it is also to the town generally that we should turn as the vital backdrop to the Railway Land Local Nature Reserve and here the work of The Friends of Lewes, founded in 1952, has been important in stimulating public interest in the beauty, history and character of Lewes and its surrounding area.
E.J. Bedford, who also lived in Lewes, took photographs of old railway locomotives that are amongst the finest in the world. Especially interesting are those taken in Lewes over a period from 1888 to 1935 showing many of the London Brighton & South Coast Railway locomotives at work. Anyone interested in developing this aspect of the site should .